We're a men's shoe store in New York City. We offer classic styles that represent quality, comfort, and value.

You can shop online or visit us at 10 Christopher Street.

For those of you who pre-ordered and we’re patient enough to wait for the Alden x Leffot Greenwich boot in navy Chromexcel your wait is over. You’ll be hearing for us soon. Regrettably this order is Sold Out. (at Leffot)

As sexy a wholecut shoe as you will find. Saint Crispin’s with contrast leather lace and piping.

Photo shoot of William Abraham socks. Coming soon to leffot.com.

William Abraham socks…coming soon.

Summer styles, seersucker and spectators. (at Leffot)

Saint Crispin’s wickedness. Alligator penny loafers so bad, yet so good. (at Leffot)

What I saw today. Quoddy’s new Horween chamois leathers, good stuff.

Quoddy rainbow what’s you favorite color?

Select sale items are now 50% off. Check it out online or in the store.

Cuffs, Ring Jacket, Wingtips, Saint Crispin’s (at Leffot)

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